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Clark Panagakos Family Law

Clark Panagakos Family Law are specialists in the complex and delicate area of Family Law.  Family law matters such as separation and divorce can be emotionally draining, time consuming and difficult to resolve without help. We understand that your primary concerns are around your children and your financial security. That’s why we listen to you, support you and represent you the way you prefer.

We are here to guide you through the Family Law process towards a result that works for you. Our preferred approach is through collaboration between both parties; however, we are also highly skilled litigators who will represent your interests in court to get the best outcome for you.

Led by Bev Clark and Erica Panagakos, Clark Panagakos Family Law are experienced Family Lawyers, Collaborative Practitioners and Nationally accredited mediators. With many years of experience across all facets of family law, we provide quality, cost effective legal advice to bring about resolution.

Specialist Family Lawyers

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It’s difficult to think clearly at this stressful time in your life and making the wrong decision could have a lasting impact on your life and the lives of your children. 

Family Law is a complex field of law made even more difficult because there is no single solution or approach that will suit everyone. It’s not straight forward, particularly for anyone who doesn’t specialise in this area.

There is no one way of working towards resolution, and we believe in exploring all options, including mediation, negotiation, Collaborative Practice, and litigation, to get the best possible outcome for you and your circumstances.